Volume Pills Review – Best Supplement for More Semen

To find out if there’s any truth to this outlandish claim by the manufacturer which is also touted in many online Semen Volume Pills reviews

Here’s what we did:

  • We scoured the internet to see if there were scientific proofs that this male enhancement pill’s ingredients did indeed increase sperm volume.
  • In our research, we were surprised when we came across a real study that shows the more your cum, the stronger your lady’s orgasm and sexual satisfaction.
  • Next, we pored over hundreds of actual customers’ reviews and Volume Pills reviews looking for answers to these questions:
  • How effective are the pills in increasing semen volume, giving thicker erections, and bigger orgasms? How did they work and how fast does it take for one to start seeing results?

Since Volume Pills have to be taken for a couple of weeks before seeing significant results, are they safe for long-term use? What about side effects experienced by users and where you can buy the original product and at a cheap retail price.

Read on to learn about our findings in this comprehensive Semen Volume Pills review.

Semen Volume Pills Review: All you need to know about the natural semen enhancement supplement.

Many male enhancement pills in the market are all about giving men harder and longer erections, as well as boosting libido and giving more endurance.

But what about those men who just want to increase their chances of having a little “mini-me” or improve their fertility rate? That’s why Leading Edge Health, a company based in Tennessee, USA made Volume Pills 17 years ago (2003) – the natural semen supplement has been around ever since.

Some men don’t necessarily want to increase their fertility rate, they’ve heard that larger amounts of sperm equal a more powerful sexual climax for them.

And they’re definitely interested in that!

Other guys turn to Volume Pills because they want to increase their female partner’s sexual satisfaction. They’ve probably heard from friends or read in Semen Volume Pills reviews that women are likely to experience intense orgasms when they release more semen during vaginal intercourse.

In the next section, we will be showing you how increasing sperm could bring you and your lady to a mind-blowing and unforgettable climax.

While subsequent sections will look at whether Volume Pills could deliver on its promise to increase sperm. Or maybe longtime customers of the natural supplement are simply led on by a superb marketing gimmick.

Can Higher Sperm Volume Increase Conception Rate or Give Stronger Orgasms?

Before embarking on this Semen Volume Pills review, we promise to give you a 100% honest and unbiased review about Volume pills. If you’re wondering why, here’s the reason:

The problem of fertility or inability to conceive a baby can cause depression in couples, reducing their productivity at work, and could ultimately destroy relationships.

Also, when you’re striving to improve your lackluster orgasms or that of your partner – won’t it be disheartening to keep trying purported solutions without significant improvement?

This could challenge or cause a disconnect between partners and may eventually cause them to drift away from each other. In the end, they end up going for something more interesting.

Since this Semen Volume Pills review aims to help point you to a possible treatment to cum more and not cause you more grief we’ll say this:

A greater volume of semen does not necessarily guarantee higher fertility, but it does raise your chances of conceiving. Reason being that you now have more “swimmers” keen to do the job!

Men, with conditions like diabetes, aging, prostate enlargement surgery, or radiation and depression treatments have a lesser-than-normal sperm volume. These men will benefit from increasing their semen quantity.

The normal semen volume is between 1.5ml to 5ml, so if you’re ejaculating less than 1.5ml due to some factors, you will struggle with weak ejaculation issues – the end result is weaker and unsatisfactory orgasms.

Regarding orgasms – during our review, we didn’t find any confirmed study that proved or disproved the fact that increased semen volume does lead to better orgasms. So we’re left with unsubstantiated personal opinions from medical personnel, Volume Pills review sites, and real users of the enhancement pill.

Although cynics said it’s a false claim that increased semen volume gives a stronger climax. Some regular users of Volume Pills thought otherwise as they noticed an improvement in the intensity of their climax.

Others who believe more semen equals bigger orgasms said it’s possible because – the more sperm your body produces, the harder your sex organ is and the more it will contract during ejaculation. Therefore you will have an unusually explosive orgasm during that lovemaking session.

Even if increased sperm has no significance on orgasm, the vasodilation property of Volume Pills makes it possible for you to experience enhanced sexual pleasure.


Two of the ingredients in Volume Pills, Xi lan rou ngui, and Hong Hua Fen are natural vasodilators that increase blood flow to the penis. Thus, supporting rock-hard and longer erections.

Hong Hua Fen also called safflower is also known to boost sperm count. On the other hand, Xi lan rou gui does improve PE (premature ejaculation), unfortunately, it does that only in cream form.

When it comes to women’s orgasms and overall sexual pleasure there’s a 2018 study that backed this up. The study showed that while a number of women are indifferent to a man’s ejaculation volume, most absolutely dig it when you cum more than usual.

The study revealed that most women feel more sexually satisfied when their male partner ejaculates believing that it shows the men are really satisfied and attracted to them.

However, about 13% of the women in the survey stated that one of the times they enjoyed massive orgasms is when their partner releases a high amount of sperm.

What Exactly Do Volume Pills Do?

First and foremost, you need to understand that Volume Pills is a supplement.

That means you’re supposed to maintain a healthy lifestyle that will help you achieve your goal of increased fertility or better climax through higher sperm volume. This can be done by watching your diet, exercising regularly, and staying away from habits like smoking or consuming excessive alcohol.

When you do these, you can now add Volume Pills to the mix which will now supplement your efforts. This way, you’ll get better and faster results.

If you’re hypertensive, diabetic, or have another chronic condition, you should consult your doctor before taking Volume Pills or any other male enhancement pill for that matter.

So what do Volume Pills do and who are they meant for?

Volume Pills are produced from 12 herbal extracts. The sole aim is to increase sperm volume while secondary benefits include boosting libido and sexual performance.

This natural remedy is made from special ancient herbal extracts minus steroids or synthetic chemicals to eliminate side effects and make it safe to use. The herbs utilized in these pills are what Asian countries have been using since time past to successfully treat many sexual health dysfunctions.

In this Semen Volume Pills review, we discovered that Volume Pills target 2 categories of men:

  • the regular adults that want to take their sexual performance to a higher level.
  • men suffering from waning sexual performance due to aging or other factors.

How Do Volume Pills Work?

Volume Pills work by energizing your seminal vesicle to boost the production of semen.

Its vasodilation ability also causes the walls of the penis blood vessels to relax. Hence, allowing the vessels to expand and accommodate larger amounts of blood. Which is what makes users spot a thicker hard on.

That’s not all there is to this super semen booster.

Like we mentioned previously in this Semen Volume Pills review, many regular users mentioned they saw an improvement in the intensity of their orgasms.

Besides, a few men in our online customer reviews revealed they were able to achieve this rare feat of multiple orgasms for the first time after using this product.

It is imperative that we point out that to enjoy quality semen and intense orgasm, you have to constantly practice a healthy lifestyle routine.

Let’s get to how Volume Pills enhance libido and orgasms.

By now, you know how Volume Pills work in increasing sperm volume and giving firmer erections but how does it give orgasms?

During intercourse, penile muscles have to contract hard to push out all that newly produced huge semen which raises your pleasure during climax.

As you grow older, the amount of testosterone your body produces reduces, and this dampens your libido resulting in lower sexual performance.

By helping your body produce more testosterone, Volume Pills help to give you a better libido.

Safe and Powerful All-Natural Herbal Ingredients in Volume Pills

We noticed in the course of this review that all the ingredients found in Volume Pills are not new to the Chinese and Indians.

These people have been using these herbs for thousands of years in their traditional medicine to boost fertility and reproductive health – way before western science caught up to the immense benefits of these plants.

Coming up are some ingredients in Volume Pills and they are present in quantities, which is a trade secret but safe for long term use:


This plant offers more of a psychological benefit than physical ones. It is made up of L-Dopa used by human bodies to manufacture dopamine which then gives us that sense of pleasure.

Xi lan rou gui

This is a popular vasodilator that enhances blood flow and improves your erection’s quality.

Hong Hua Fen (Safflower)

Another common vasodilator found in lots of male enhancement supplements that also enhances the number and movement of sperm in your semen.

Ku Gua (Bitter gourd or Bitter melon)

A testosterone booster and fat burner that contains massive volumes of vitamin C and helps with semen production in addition to increasing sexual desire in men.

4, 5, 7 Trihydroxy flavone

Also known as Apigenin, this ingredient is from the family of the bioflavonoids. It is well known for its anticancer features and helps lessen anxiety in the bedroom.

Moreover, it will work to improve the long-term health of your reproductive system by strengthening the interior vessels of your sexual organ.

Emblica Officinalis (Indian gooseberry or Amla)

Countless Ayurvedic medicine – the traditional system of medicine in India – contains Indian gooseberry as it slows down aging, boosts metabolic activity, enhances immunity, and detoxifies the body.

More importantly, Indian gooseberry encourages healthy sperm cells to grow and develop.

San Guo Mu

This is another potent supplement the Indians have been using for thousands of years. San Guo Mu is a powerful herb that is beneficial for control and pacing during sex.

On top of that, it contributes to cardiovascular health and allows the free movement of blood to the shaft. For this reason, it is easier to get and maintain an erection.

Dong Chong Xia Cao

This Chinese herb is also called Cordyceps Sinensis by several people in other parts of the world. It stimulates the body to produce more of its natural testosterone.

Zinc Oxide (Present as Zinc Gluconate)

We pored over numerous clinical studies for this review and saw that Zinc supplementation restores testosterone levels by significantly reducing the estrogen level in a man’s body.

Likewise, it jacks up a mans sex drive or libido by inducing a higher-than-the-usual supply of blood flow to the penis. As a result, it makes a man want physical sexual contact.

Zinc was made present in a gluconate form to make it easy for the human body to absorb it and use more efficiently.

On the product package, it was not overly unexpected that it was listed first before the other ingredients. Since it is one of the body’s essential minerals needed for the catalytic activities of about 100 enzymes in the body.

Zinc also plays a significant role in protein synthesis, wound healing, and in the immune system of man. Its deficiency has been linked to reduced testosterone levels in the body.

Ling Zhi

Lingzhi is extracted from a woody Chinese mushroom. Scientific researches in recent years have uncovered its anti-aging and immune-boosting properties, as it is chock-full of polysaccharides.

Lingzhi or Reishi include triterpenes known to prevent hypertension and relieve symptoms of allergy. There is also one of the compositions of Lingzhi – the beta-glucans – that work to inhibit the growth of tumors.

Xian Mao (Orchid palm grass or Curculigo orchioides)

Xian Mao is another aphrodisiac herb that is used in both Ayurveda and traditional Chinese folk treatments.

Nowadays, it’s considered an herbal substitute for Viagra since it provides similar benefits which includes inducing firmer erection for a long time.

Tian Men Dong (Wild asparagus or Chinese asparagus)

This particular ingredient works well in relaxing and dilating blood vessels. By virtue of this fact, you achieve erections with ease, which is crucial if you are expecting to fertilize.

Aside from helping men with issues concerning debility and impotence, Tian Men Dong also stabilizes your weight and makes you sleep better.

We all know these 2 benefits are crucial to everyone’s health. Besides, it’s common knowledge that many people these days are not getting sufficient sleep and are overweight.


Drilizen is a proprietary blend that boosts the release of a vasodilator called nitric oxide from the cells of the blood vessels. Nitric oxide helps heighten blood flow to the penis, and this in turn, elevates your erections. Also, it regulates the flow of testosterone.

This trademarked ingredient comprises little-known Tribulus Terrestris which research has shown to increase muscle mass and improve libido.

Fucus Vesiculosus (Bladderwrack)

Bladderwrack is noted for its high concentrations of iodine and iodine aid in the stimulation of metabolic activities that counteract obesity.

Furthermore, bladderwrack contains fucoxanthin, an antioxidant some scientists believe can help lose weight.

Next in our Semen Volume Pills review are the benefits many real users have attributed to using Volume Pills. So read on and see if these are the benefits you’re looking for.

Benefits of Volume Pills

1 Significant Ejaculation Volume

The most undeniable benefit of Volume Pills you will see after a couple of weeks of consistent use is increased sperm volume you will ejaculate during sex. Considerably more than the regular 3ml – 5ml an average male ejaculates.

2 Increased Erection Strength and Hardness

If you go through the ingredients and herbal extracts blended together to make Volume Pills, you’ll see that many of them are vasodilators.

Vasodilators are the main agents that will help take blood to your penis to make you have greater erections.

3 More Powerful Orgasms

One of the advantages of being highly fertile and having an above average sperm volume is that your climax will be more intense.

There may be no scientific proof to back this claim, but that’s the experience most men with more sperm volume testify to.

4 Increased Libido

If you check, you will observe that more than half of the ingredients in Volume Pills won’t just increase your sperm level they’ll also increase your libido. This will make you put that increased semen of yours to good use.

After taking this sperm enhancer, you’ll notice your desire to have sex will shoot up.

How to Use Volume Pills?

Our Semen Volume Pills review is a tell-all about Volume Pills. Hence, this section describes the best and safest way to take Volume Pills so the supplement can work to give you the best results.

According to the makers of Volume Pills, the supplement should be taken daily. You’re advised to take it as long as you want as you’ll continue to enjoy the benefits of the product.

Take note, if you are inconsistent in taking the drug, don’t complain if you’re not seeing the results everyone is raving about.

Also, when you take the supplement as directed, and you start enjoying high libido and more cum – remember that the moment you stop using it, the benefits will wear off with time.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about how many pills you have to use per day.

1 packet of Volume Pills contains 60 tablets and is meant to be taken for 30 days. And the recommended dosage is 2 pills per day.

We recommend that you take the pills with water and not alcohol, carbonated beverages, or caffeine, as it could interfere with the efficacy of the drugs.

The manufacturer of Volume Pills advised users regarding the usage of the capsules. According to them, to get optimal result, users are to avoid sex or masturbation for 7 days.

What that means is that when you start using the product, you should avoid all forms of bedroom activity for a minimum of one week.

Do Volume Pills Work?

Yes, Yes, and Yes.

To know the efficacy of a product, the first thing you need to check are the ingredients.

Volume Pills are made from 100% natural extracts from herbs sourced from Asia, China, India, and the Philippines. That’s not all, several other tribes and nations have been using this miracle supplement for centuries to enhance their sexual wellbeing.

Volume Pills work but you certainly won’t release bucket loads of semen like you see in porn flicks (those aren’t real by the way).

What you’ll see is a significant increase in sperm volume which will delight you compared to what you used to ejaculate. When your semen increase, your orgasms will experience a “turbo boost”.

Why Do We Love And Recommend Volume Pills?

Aside from the obvious fact that it increases semen, gives good erections, and an even better orgasms, there are 4 more reasons why we love Volume Pills.

  • The product comes in discreet packaging

The problem of sexual health could be overwhelming on its own let alone adding the grief of your neighbors or colleagues making it their wednesday lunch talk.

  • Credit card report won’t show you purchased Volume Pills

If you buy the sperm booster capsules with your credit card, what will appear on your credit card history is the name of the maker – Leading Edge Health.

  • A prescription is not needed before you can order

This one reason is a major life-saver without exaggeration.

  • An impressive 67 day money-back guarantee

WOW! This is the one reason we love most and why we recommend you to order Volume Pills NOW.

The guarantee is a risk-free way to try Volume Pills. Also, don’t forget the cheap prices the company has been running for some time which will end anytime soon.

When you want to order, go for the 3 months package or higher. WHY?

This is because you get the best pricing when you purchase more packs. Since you’ll need to take the drug for at least 3 months, it makes sense and saves you considerable cash to go for the best deal.

Semen Volume Pills Review: Potential Side Effects

As luck would have it, all users of Volume Pills that used the supplement as directed recorded no side effects whatsoever.

While the positive reviews are indeed plenty, if you’re taking any medication, we advise that you discuss with your doctor before taking Volume Pills.

In addition, if you have existing medical conditions like high blood pressure, let your doctor give you the all-clear before using the product.

Are you still having second thoughts that herbs have side effects?

Yes, it’s true.

During our research for this Semen Volume Pills review, we saw that some herbs contained in Volume Pills have side effects. That’s also true for the food we eat and also for every other plant product.

However, just like the Asians have discovered, herbs need to be applied in specific quantities to ensure they work well and it comes with little or no side effects. The makers of Volume Pills know this.

Every plant product in Volume Pill capsules are in quantities that make them safe and effective to use


The makers of Volume Pills give a pretty deep discount when you purchase a larger amount of the pills. These are the 5 purchase choices starting with packages that have the biggest discount and freebies.

  1. Platinum package (Best value) – $348.95 (original price $959.40 discount of $610.45)
  • Free global shipping
  • 12-month supply
  • Bonus gifts worth $125 (gift card, erection system membership, Prosolution plus)
  1. Gold package (Better value) – $250.00 (original price $479.70 discount of $229.70)
  • Free global shipping
  • 6-month supply
  • Bonus gifts worth $125 (gift card, erection system membership, Prosolution plus)
  1. Most popular – $160.00 (original price $239.85 discount of $79.85)
  • Free global shipping
  • 3-month supply
  1. Everyday value – $110.00 (original price $159.90 discount of $49.90)
  • 2-month supply
  • Shipping charges
  1. Starter pack – $65.00 (original price $79.95 discount of $14.95)
  • 1-month supply
  • Shipping charges

Where to Buy Volume Pills?

The best place to buy Volume Pills to avoid being ripped off is from their official website. You may find the product in some stores but the authenticity cannot be guaranteed and the price won’t be cheap.

This is why you don’t want to buy this supplement anywhere else apart from the maker of the product.

First off, you’re sure of getting the original Volume pills that will work and not an imitation. When compiling this review, we came across some buyers who paid 2 times the price because they bought from third-party sellers.

Furthermore, buying from the company makes you benefit from the guarantee which is boldly displayed on the company’s homepage. All you have to do is return the empty containers and your money will be paid back in full. Keep in mind that the shipping cost will be deducted.


Are Volume Pills Safe?

Yes. This natural supplement is safe to use since it is made from 100% plant extracts and other herbal ingredients.

The medicinal plant products that make up Volume Pills are not newbies to the sexual health and wellbeing scene.

These herbs with their aphrodisiac properties are established old-timers. Traditional medicine has been used for long to safely and effectively boost sexual vigor and treat sex-related problems.

Due to the herbal composition of Volume Pills and the fact that for years users have been using the product without complaints or side effects – we can confidently say the product is worth giving a try.

Next assurance should come from the whooping 67 day guarantee. That’s a guarantee for 2 solid months! How many medicine producers can do this except if they are pretty confident of their product?

All things considered and the fact that you’re maintaining healthy lifestyle practices – if you take the supplement daily, within a month you should see an increased sperm volume. Though it may take nothing less than 3 months to see the semen volume you’ve always dreamed of.

Ask yourself, if Volume Pills aren’t safe and users are returning the product from all corners of the world – don’t you think the guarantee wouldn’t be that long or there would be no guarantee at all?

It may have crossed your mind that the long guarantee is a ploy to deceive buyers into purchasing the product – it isn’t. Unlike some other drug companies who only have a web presence but no physical address, the same cannot be said of the makers of Volume Pills.

The physical address of the company in the US is right on their website. That should tell you something about the maker of Volume Pills and their products.

Will Volume Pills Make You Ejaculate Lots And Lots Of Sperm?

The answer to this question is No

Users need to manage their expectations and be sure they are reasonable. If your original cum volume is between the normal 3-5ml (that’s about a teaspoon of sperm), you may notice an increase to about 5.5ml or lesser.

Like all other products, results vary in each person.

Now about the claim of ejaculating up to 500% more cum

For men we mentioned above, whose semen volume from between 3ml to 5ml increased to about 5.5ml, that’s not really a 500% increase.

But there are men who release very little sperm, less than 1ml. For such men, an increase to the average sperm volume of 3ml – 5ml would be considered a 500% improvement.

How Quickly Can You Expect To See Results?

Remember earlier on in this review we made a promise to be unbiased. So here’s the real truth:

Volume Pills will give you an improved sperm volume, great ejaculations, and better orgasms, just don’t expect to see that in the 1st-2nd week of usage.

You should see a slight increase in sperm by the end of the 1st or 2nd week but considerable gains could take a month or more.

During the writing of this Semen Volume Pills review, we encountered men who saw noticeable gains before 2 weeks. However, several men reported experiencing higher amounts of sperm within the time frame of 1 to 3 months.

There is no instant remedy for low semen volume. For a supplement designed to support your body to safely and naturally achieve high semen quantity and higher testosterone level, Volume Pills need time to work.

Moreover, your body needs time to recalibrate and your hormone levels will take some time to normalize before stimulating your body to produce more semen.

Also, the state of your current sexual health has to be considered too.

So You Need To Be Patient!

What Else Can I Do To Make This Supplement Work?

You have to stay healthy. That means sleeping enough, exercising frequently, fending off obesity, knowing how to manage stress, and cutting back on the number of calories you consume.

You know, obesity is linked to lower testosterone, and lesser testosterone levels will negatively impact your sexual performance. As a matter of fact, obesity on its own can have a direct negative effect on your sex life.

Similarly, chronic stress and inadequate sleep contribute to issues with sexual wellbeing and health.

Can I Use Volume Pills If I Have An Existing Chronic Condition?

There are countless medical conditions with various treatments that we cannot assure you of. We can’t say if using Volume Pills will or will not interfere with these medications.

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop you from trying to improve your sexual life. We suggest you talk to your physician before taking Volume Pills or any enhancement product at all.

Why Should You Buy Volume Pills Instead of Vitamins Or Herbs?

Taking enough vitamins either as a supplement or in your diet is crucial for your overall health.

It’s true that there’s a connection between sexual health and vitamins. At this moment, there is no clinical study that shows whether one or a combination of vitamins can effectively increase semen or treat ED for that matter.

Herbs on the other hand, in their raw state, could easily be taken in excess or in quantities that may lead to a potentially dangerous overdose. This risk is very real and possible with herb usage since the dosage bandied about is not usually clinically tested but merely from experience.

While a particular herb dosage could be harmless to one person, it may be life-threatening to another.

Volume Pills is made specifically to tackle sperm production. It includes the proper amount of trace elements and extracts to do just that and it comes in a combination that is safe for consumption.

That’s what makes Volume Pills the best and safest choice when compared with herbs and vitamins.

Order, Payment Process, and Shipping

The recommended store to buy Volume Pills is from their official site and not in land based stores. This will give you the assurance of buying the genuine product.

On the company’s website, there are different options for payment. You can pay online, using PayPal, fax, mail, pr over the phone. They also give you the option of paying with your credit card.

Semen Volume Pills Review: Final Thoughts

The natural, unique ingredients blended to make Volume Pills, makes it stand out from pills like Semenax and other sperm increasing pills.

Many customer reviews showed that Volume Pills improved their cum volume to significant proportions.

We recommend you take Volume Pills for about 3-6 months to get bigger sperm load. The reason is that by then, your semen boosting hormones will be thoroughly stimulated and ready to fire.

More than half of the customers loved the orgasms they got during the time they were used the supplement. A minority stated they were not really impressed with their climax, and while the last group said they didn’t see any change.

No supplement or medicine works the same way for everyone.

However, take advantage of the cheap prices available and the guarantee to see if Volume Pills is the answer to your low semen and sexual performance issues.

You don’t risk anything from trying.

The product is a safe natural supplement and there’s always the option of getting your money back within 67 days if you’re not satisfied.The manufacturer offered a special discount to Cardio Elderly’s readers. You also get free shipping and other free products. Click Here to Order