ExtenZe Review – Best for Harder Erections

If your libido is poor and you’re battling impotence which is negatively affecting your sex life – the ExtenZe male enhancement pills will solve all your sexual problems in the blink of an eye.

The manufacturers designed this pill to help you get harder, fuller, and long-lasting erections. Your sexual experience will hit the roof resulting in massively intensified, full-body orgasms. The supplements also help treat conditions like erectile dysfunction and infertility.

So are you wondering whether the pills work as described or where to buy?

We’ve compiled much-needed details from components to dosage to results in these detailed ExtenZe male enhancement review.

Reasons For Low Libido And Sex Drive In Men

Before we delve into this ExtenZe male enhancement review, we have to understand what causes low sex drive in men. Several people are plagued with questions before trying any sex supplement.

Questions like: does it work? Even if the drug does work, where to buy it may still be a problem. Critically analyzing the causes of low libido is will help us in our quest.

Low libido is a common problem faced by both women and men. In most cases, men lose interest in sex due to some of these reasons;

  • It could happen when your body generates less testosterone.
  • People going through extra stress or depression for an extended period can also lead to loss of interest in sex.
  • Any diseases that happen due to lifestyle changes. For instance, diabetes, lung, or liver disorders, etc.
  • Excessive consumption of prescription drugs
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Lack of exercise
  • Drinking excessive alcohol and smoking

Does It Really Work?

This ExtenZe male enhancement review shows the real function of the drugs and gives insight into the user experience. This is the goto product for men if they want maximum erection and hardness.

The moment you consume this tablet, it will directly pump blood into the vessels. You will notice a hard-on in a few seconds. It doesn’t stop there, you will also have more strength during sex.

To make this exclusive formula, the makers thoroughly blended herbal and organic ingredients. Therefore, you’re sure the solution you’re taking for your penis is safe and it will boost your confidence too.

In situations where they can’t get an erection, several men start to feel insecure. For older men, it’s a feeling of frustration they feel comes with old age. However, all these complaints should be a thing of the past thanks to how efficient ExtenZe is.

Uses Of ExtenZe

There are several supplements available for men’s erection. However, the problem is which one to go for? This comprehensive ExtenZe male enhancement review can help you know more about the benefits of this pill. The best part about this pill is the clinical studies and quality checks carried out before making this drug.

Rest assured, your penis will get a full supply of power-boosted blood. In addition, this drug will harden your penis and ensure a longer-lasting erection. The Copora Cavernosa in your penis is where the blood supply will be maintained while you enjoy heightened sexual experience.

Does It Really Work As Described & How Does it Work?

To get a rigid and stable erection, you can undoubtedly rely on this magic tablet. If you take these tablets for a longer period of time, you can be assured of enlarging your penis quickly.

As a result, you can enjoy sex better with your partner. This is because you’re sure you wouldn’t be going flaccid anytime soon. Best believe that Extenze has an amazing capacity to boost blood vessels in the penis.

Is ExtenZe Worth Going For?

While going through the ExtenZe male enhancement review, you may be indecisive whether to opt for this pill or not. Scientific research and case studies have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best supplements in the market that can significantly improve your sex life.

Keep in mind that this supplement cannot alter the size or girth of your penis. If this is what you want, you should check out our VigRX Plus Review instead. For issues like this, we’re sure it will significantly change your sex life.

Who Should Try ExtenZe?

Here are some of the uses of this wonder pill.

  • For men that are elderly or middle-aged and suffering from sex-related issues, this magic pill can do wonders in their sex life. Go for it, and you will be amazed with the incredible results.
  • If you’re suffering from stress, depression and anxiety, and it is affecting your sex life. This pill is what you need. Stress and related factors can lead to a non-satisfactory performance in bed.
  • A man that wants heightened pleasure for longer periods during sex can also try this pill.
  • For sportspeople, we recommend that you consult your doctor before using this supplement.

ExtenZe Male Enhancement Reviews: Dosage

  • We suggest that you use one tablet every day. For better results, you should continue the dosage for 7-8 weeks.
  • The manufacturers also recommend that you take one pill before breakfast. Always drink it with water and do not chew or swallow.
  • Always remember that this drug should not be taken with other drugs or sex supplements. Also, if you’re sick, do not use this drug. In summary, this is a herb-based formula that is quite safe for everyone.
  • Ensure there is a 4-5 hour gap before having sex when you take the tablet.


You must be wondering these ExtenZe pills are different from other sex enhancement pills in the market – the secret lies in its unique natural-based formula.

Manufacturers have mastered the perfect blend, which targets overall improvement in sexual health and performance. The pills are narcotic safe and do not include any artificial compound.

Here are the essential ingredients listed in it below;

  1. Muira Puama- The brain secrets a hormone called dopamine, which stimulates the pleasure points in the male body. This Chinese ingredient boosts the dopamine levels, a result of which the body feels enhanced both emotionally and physiologically.
  2. Korean Ginseng- This Chinese herb guarantees penis enlargement. In various traditional medicines, Ginseng aids erectile dysfunction.
  3. Horny Goat weed- Its potent qualities are well known for heightening sexual arousal in the body. It has a profound impact on controlling sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone.
  4. Folate- The acid content in folate increases the sperm count resulting in enthusiastic libido and fertility.
  5. Tribulus Terrestris- This active ingredient is widely known for its aphrodisiac properties, which allows more blood in the penis. When the blood flow increases in the shaft, the penis grows bigger and firmer for a prolonged period.
  6. Ginger- The aphrodisiac content in ginger helps in relaxing the blood vessels and increases the blood flow in the penis. It improves the quality of an erection and boosts performance.
  7. Baron- As men lose sexual virility with age, this ingredient helps in the restoration of masculinity and strength. It rehabilitates the sexual urge in men.
  8. Damiana- To increase sexual arousal and stamina in men, this ingredient works well. Many people take this ingredient as a supplement for sexual enhancement.
  9. Zinc- This mineral contributes to maximizing testosterone production. As men do not get sufficient zinc from their diet, this supplement perfectly substitutes the deficit.

ExtenZe Male Enhancement Reviews: Safe or not?

The ExtenZe pills are known for their ingredients, as it has no harmful substance or any adverse side effects that can cause injuries or death. You will be more than happy to know that the drug’s ingredients are scientifically tested and confirmed by the FDA.

We still recommend that you consult your doctor before going ahead with this drug, especially if you are taking any medication currently. Also, the herbs contain blood-thinning properties that can affect you if you have any heart condition.

The manufacturers carried out several trials and tests on the quality of the drug before releasing it to the public. The production was conducted under the perfect supervision of Biotab Nutraceuticals.

ExtenZe Male Enhancement Reviews: Benefits

Just as we stated earlier, with the growing age, most men experience different sex issues. Erectile dysfunction is one of these problems most men endure at a certain point in their life. Likewise, several men experience some form of stagnancy in their sex during their middle ages. Therefore, to overcome these problems, ExtenZe is the solution perfect solution.

The major questions you need to be answered right now are: does it work and where to buy it? You can read other the ExtenZe male enhancement reviews by users online to have a better idea of the product before using it.

Here are some benefits you’ll get when you use these pills;

  • Confidence booster pill
  • Long-lasting sex pleasure
  • Your stamina will enhance
  • A thicker and hard erection achieved
  • Fixes for erectile dysfunction
  • Intense orgasm experience
  • Ejaculation increases
  • Brilliant for sexual health
  • No more premature ejaculation

ExtenZe Male Enhancement Reviews: Side Effects

ExtenZe pills contain several herbal stimulants, that may lead to the following side effects –

  • Increase in body temperature.
  • Elevation in your blood pressure.
  • An excessive amount of sweating.
  • The skin may show signs of flushing.
  • It may not be suitable for sportspeople. Always seek the advice of your doctor or physician before using these tablets.
  • Our ExtenZe male enhancement review also showed that the pills could cause nausea, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, heart palpitations.

If you feel any of the above-mentioned symptoms after consuming the pill, stop using the pills immediately and consult your doctor.

*Please note, this pill is strictly for men and women that are above the age of 18.


Does it really work? This is a common question that comes up in the mind of any user before buying sex supplements. We want to assure you that you should expect a great change in your sex life after using this magical potion.

Scientific studies have shown that ExtenZe is safe for all men. Even for older men, when they consume this tablet once every day, they will feel the difference. The before and after results tell the complete tale. Usually, this helps in boosting stamina and energy during sex with your woman.

The manufacturers claim it is the perfect pill for erectile dysfunction. So you don’t have to be embarrassed neither do you have to feel shy about your flaccid penis or premature ejaculation. ExtenZe is a superb sex supplement that can change your entire sex game.


ExtenZe pills are moderately priced. Each box costs around $60, and you can get a discounted price of $160 if you purchase the 3 Month supply package. If you want to save more, you can opt for the 6 Month Supply package, as you might require a consistent dosage for maximum effect.

It is an excellent product compared to other enhancement pills because the price will not burn a hole in your pocket.


None of the ExtenZe male enhancement reviews we went through show claims of doctors prescription.

It is an additional supplement solution made from herbs.

There are no side effects which make the drug a standout drug.

Where To buy it?

In this our ExtenZe male enhancement review, we strongly suggest that you do not go to local shops to buy this drug. The reason for this is because of fake drugs which may cause more harm than good.

The best place to get this drug is from their official website. If you are lucky, you might get huge discounts and offers. Even the manufacturers also promise a guarantee that is valid for 60 days.


Once you start taking this tablet, you do not have to follow any specific diet. So do not stress about food. Doctors and health professionals believe that to boost sex and libido, you should take care of your diet. Some things you can do are:

  • Include more fruits like watermelons, apples, etc
  • Vegetables like spinach are beneficial
  • Oats and salmon, if included in the diet, can also act as a better supplement in your body.
  • Whatever you eat, make sure you sleep and exercise as well. These small factors also are responsible for enhancing your sex life.
  • Your lifestyle plays a significant role in your sex life. With increasing age, you should maintain your health, along with this sex magic pill, your sex life will be a blast.

Bonus From Website

Just as we answered the “where to buy” question, we recommend buying from their official website. The major advantage of buying this drug from their official website is the extra gifts and discounts you’ll get.

If you want to invest in the 2-months supply of ExtenZe, you can get silicone or water-based lubricant-free. It is up to the user to decide which one he wants to take. So the more you invest in ExtenZe, the more lube you get for free.

We understand that you may like water-based lubricants more than silicon products. The latter has an advantage. They do not break in water and can even be used in hot showers.


You’ll get a 60-day money-back warranty if you buy this product. The manufacturers care about you and will do everything to satisfy you.

If by any means you aren’t satisfied with this product; you can simply return it. You’ll get a complete 100% refund as stated by the company.

For starters, you will get a trial pack to be used for seven days. In case you do not like it, you’ll have to return the unused product. The company has not received any complaints to date. Usually, the customers who have ordered this product loved it and ordered more.


According to recent studies, among the top three sex supplements for men, ExtenZe is the number one product. No wonder it gets more recognition and popularity from several men across all ages.

The scientifically proven formulated pill brings more fun and excitement to your sex life. Even the famous porn star Ron Jeremy gave a glowing endorsement of the product.

The moment you read other ExtenZe male enhancement reviews, you will understand how this pill can change your sex game and renew it.

Here are a few questions that when answered, it’ll show that this pill works better than others are:

Is This Drug Better Than Viagra?

The answer is yes. In some cases, men have found out that Viagra sometimes does not satisfactory results. On the other hand, after using ExtenZe, they not only enjoyed sex better, they also had more confidence. If you are looking for a male boosting supplement, which can give you a hard-on within the hour, this is the product for you.


What happens if you take two pills a day?

It is a non-synthetic pill and the dosage does not follow any known prescription. However, one pill a day is safe for you. As a note of caution, try not to chew it directly. There are non-artificial materials in this formula, so we suggest using water to swallow the tablet for best results.

Does it make you hard right away?

Yes. You can expect a hard-on right after consuming the tablet. You do not have to worry about any harsh effects of this product. Since it is made up of natural substances, it can help enlarge your penis safely.

How long does it take to work?

The moment you consume the tablet, it will work until you orgasm. Your penis will return to its original size once the effect of the pill wears off.

The active elements within it help the penis expand larger and faster. However, it is important to know that once you stop using this supplement, you’ll stop getting fuller erections.

Does it work right away?

Do not panic when your penis does not go flaccid right away. Sometimes, it may take a few hours for full growth and thick erections to happen from the time you consume.

What if you miss the dosage?

The best part about ExtenZe is that it is not a prescribed drug. It may happen that you miss a dosage once or twice which will not lead to significant problems. Don’t worry as this will not hinder your health neither will it cause any side effects. However, in this our ExtenZe male enhancement review, we recommend you take one pill every day.

Can you experience gains quickly?

According to the manufacturers of this pill, they state that you will get an erection within half an hour after consuming it. Extenze offered a special discount to Cardio Elderly’s readers. Click Here to Order Extenze