Easy A: A Movie Review

Watch the movie for free at 123movies or Soap2day. Ever since Superbad and Zombieland I’ve had my eye on Emma Stone. The talented and attractive twenty-two-year-old is a prime example of an actress with the same charisma Lindsy Lohan had going for her early in her career. So when I heard that miss Stone was starring in Easy A, I knew I’d have to see it eventually; whether it was of my on volition or on my girlfriend’s whim. I was pleased and not surprised at the result.

The Scarlet Letter – The Plot of Easy A

After lying about losing her virginity to appease an obnoxious friend, a straight arrow student, Olive (Emma Stone), finds herself in a mess which almost exactly parallels Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter. As word travels through the nerd circuit that Olive’s proposed loss of virginity was staged, virgins and rejects alike line up to get a piece of the faux action.

Christian Crazies, School Scandals and Faux Fornication – Thoughts and Feelings on Easy A

The first thing I have to mention about this film is that it is hilarious. I’m sure everyone wont find it as funny as I did, but its subtle humor and exaggerated situations make for some really entertaining moments. Every character carries with them this witty and tongue in cheek style humor that, although quite prevalent in the film,doesn’t lose its novelty.

The acting is outstanding with few, if any, performances missing beats or timing. Amanda Bynes, who I can’t stand by the way, does an outstanding job playing a snobby Jesus freak who is out to get Olive for losing her virginity.

I have to commend the film for taking such serious subject matter and making it both light hearted, yet serious all at the same time. It’s quite a contrast. While the cinematography is nothing to write home about and the plot is rather formulaic as it pertains to teen comedies, Easy A is a strong addition into the genre.

Summing Up Easy A

Easy A reminds me a lot of 10 Things I Hate About You. While both films are quite good, I think that 10 Thing I Hate About You hits home just a little better. That’s not to say that Easy A falls short in any way. This movie manages to be entertaining, charming and even kind of upsetting at times. It’s a chick flick film that guys and girls alike can enjoy for its humor and wit.

  • Easy A (2010)
  • Starring: Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes
  • Directed By: Will Gluck
  • Rating: 4/5