Top Best Penis Stretcher to Consider in 2020

Since time immemorial, lots of attention has been given to the size of the penis. The length and size of the penis are directly associated with better performance on bed and more with manliness. However, not all males are genetically bestowed with impressive manhood. This is the reason why millions of men are searching for one of the Best Penis Stretchers.

Being an internet user, you might have come across several ads promising to increase the size and girth of the penis. There are supplements, massaging oils, and even tiny pills that claim to do wonders. Despite such heavy ads online, these solutions hardly make their way to offer any resolution. The good news is you will come across many enlargement tools and a Penis Stretcher that do what they claim.

The penile traction devices have been around for quite a long time now. This device offers better and permanent results when it comes to penis enlargement, even better than surgical procedures. Today, people are using it as a penis enlargement device as it helps in adding volume and increases the size of the penis. Below is a helpful guide that lets you know more about it. You will also come across with a helpful review of top-rated devices that are worth investing in.           

Helpful Buyer’s Guide for Best Penis Stretcher

Below are the important things you need to keep in mind when searching for the best stretcher of the penis. Ensure to consider these points carefully while buying to achieve the best Penis Stretcher Results.

  • Motive

Before you start your hunt for the best device for penis extension ensure to determine what exactly you want to gain. Whether you want to increase the length or width of the penis or need penis extender for relief from penile curvature? You have to find the motive behind buying the device and make the decision accordingly. You need to check the features and choose the device that helps achieve your goals.

  • Level of Comfort

As per the instructions of many manufacturers, you need to wear the tool for 4-6 hours a day for 6 months. This means 1/6th to a quarter of the entire day. This is a longer time period and you need to ensure that you don’t feel uncomfortable wearing it. Some people consider wearing it white at home. They divide the assigned time into 2-3 bits when they are at home. For some people wearing it under clothes in public is unavoidable. So, it is best to have a good quality All Day Penis Stretcher that comes with different ways to wear it. It includes belts, bands, straps, rings, fabric, and more. Considering the shape and size of the tool is important before buying and compare it with the attire you usually wear. Some of the tools are too small and you can’t be used under clothes.

  • The material of the Stretcher

No matter which brand of stretcher you buy, it must be designed with hypoallergenic material. This contraption is actually strapped around your penis and sensitive gentile region for thousands of hours. So, it is of utmost crucial that the material of the stretcher is hypoallergenic. If you have sensitive skin, then it becomes of utmost crucial. You also need to check the allergies that you have before buying the device. Avoid buying the device made out of the material you are allergic to. It may cause an outbreak of hives, rashes, swelling, and eczema which is not a good symptom.            

  • Efficiency and Strength

Remember to check the efficiency and strength of the stretcher before buying one for your personal need. Most of the stretchers available in the market use a system of springs to stretch the penis. It has an adjustable option that allows you to find the ultimate comfort and adjust it as the penis grows. The powerful stretchers apply thousands of grams of tensions at the highest stretch. But you must not start at maximum strength initially. It may be tempting to jump right in but avoid it. It may cause damages and injuries to sensitive parts.

  • Reviews

Checking the reviews of the stretchers online is very important to differentiate between good and bad. The bad quality stretchers can cause severe issues and damages while wearing it. It may cause improper circulation of blood in the penile region and lead to Erectile Dysfunction. So, buy only the tried and tested products after reading the reviews.

  • Pricing

The last but not the least factor to consider is the pricing of the tool. The good quality stretchers come with the highest price tag. But it is not always necessary to spend a fortune to find a great stretcher. Some people make use of a Homemade Penis Stretcher in the sake of saving money, but the end results are not satisfying. Avoid all these things and simply compare different models online to find a great stretcher between $250 and $500. It may sound quite pricy to you. But it will worth you in the long run when you see a few inches added in your penis size.                

Reviews of Best Penis Stretcher

  1. Pro Extender

Pro Extender is the quality stretcher that is based on the theory of traction. A plastic surgeon designed this model back in 1990 when his patients asked him about penis enhancers. It works almost in the same method as other extenders. But still, it has been the popular choice for more than 3 decades now with a larger fan base. 

The method of traction integrated with this device works similarly to other traction-based stretchers or extenders. Users must wear the device for 4-6 hours a day. This will create micro-tears in tissues of your penis and the tissues are then filled with newly generated tissue cells. This leads to the natural growth of your penis without any surgery and painful procedures.

However, these Penis Stretcher Results are quite slow and it takes around 3-6 months to deliver promised results. So, people who are looking for faster outcomes must find some other option as it is not for them. It is simple to use and wear. Users will find no difficulty in wearing the device and it comfortable too. Wearing it for 6 hours a day won’t be a complication indeed. But, people who are wearing it for 12 hours a day can achieve impressive results quickly.

The major benefit associated with the device is that there is no restriction on the size of the penis to use it. Whether you want to achieve perfection or simply desire to add a few inches, Pro Extender is for you. As long as the penis is under 9 inches and in a flaccid state, Pro Extender can help you. It can add a few inches in your mid-size manhood.


  • Advanced Technology for Proven Results
  • Durable and Simple Construction
  • No Side Effects
  • Recommended by Medical Professionals     


  • You need to wear it for several hours a day for better results
  • Results are not fast
  1. Quick Extender Pro

If you are looking for serious gains in penis size, then look no further and settle with Quick Extender Pro. The device offers the best tension of any high-quality DIY Penis Stretcher. This device is a quick solution to increase penis size by 3 inches. Over the year, this device has garnered enough attention pushing this brand to challenge other market leaders. This stretcher uses Dual Strap System or DSS. This system ensures a snug fit of the penis into the device and keeps it comfortable even after long hours of usages. The interesting part of this device is that it allows users to adjust erections while wearing it.

The body of the device comprises medical-grade aluminum. This material makes it 500% lightweight and also makes it comfortable to use and wear. The comfort pads comprise memory foam and this offers ultimate cushioning effects to the penis under high tension. The design is unique that can hold a wide range of penis girth, making it the versatile penis extender. The unique design also eradicates the need for unnecessary and additional accessories.

There are three working principles of this penis extender. It uses three methods to increase penis size. Firstly it consistently stretches the penis tissues using a tension screw. The tension screw acts as physical stimuli to expand the penile tissues. Because of this process, micro-tearing happens under high tension. This results in cellular gaps. The micro-tearing heals quickly by the process of cell division or cytokinesis. All these three processes work in collaboration to help users achieve the desired penis size. You may see results within 30-45 days. But you must wear it regularly as prescribed to see the desired outcome with this Penis Stretcher.


  • Guaranteed increase in penis size by 3 inches
  • The action begins within 2-3 weeks
  • Comes with double money back guaranteed, if not satisfied
  • Clinically proven and tested penis enlargement device


  • Quite expensive
  • Comes without any offers
  1. SizeGenetics Ultimate System

SizeGenetics Ultimate System is another effective and faster solution for penis enlargement that uses penis traction methods. The device perfectly applies the safer limit of tension on tissues and this stretches the penis to a specific level. The unique design of the device ensures to keep the penis in a stretched position longer without discomfort. This leads to penis size extension comfortably without injuries. This stretcher is a pioneer in the field of traction extender that has perfected and improved its design over time. This stretcher comes with 58 different ways of usages and hence adding higher comfort to users. It has tension screws that deliver the highest of 2800gm of force in the penis tissues. The device is successful in all clinically trails and it is 100% safe and offers promising results.

The extender is compatible and comfortable with different sizes and lengths of the penis as it comes with a specialized elongation bar. Multi-Directional Angling is the new feature of the device that supports diverse angles of your penis. It also features 3M cushion pads for ultimate cushioning effects.

This extender works by generating tension that leads to stretching of penis tissues while it is in the flaccid state. There are tension screws that let you adjust the traction as per requirements. By adjusting the screws you can change the traction and tension pressure from 1000gm to 2800gm. So, find the safe limit for your penis tissues while exercising with the device. This traction creates micro-tearing in tissues that quickly heal naturally by the body. The repairing process adds cell masses and over time cell masses increase that leads to penis growth. This increases in the cell mass results in improved girth and penis length and size.


  • Endorsed by medical professionals and top plastic surgeons
  • Comes with a double money-back guarantee
  • Increases the size and length of the penis by 2 inches and girth by 1.2 inches
  • 3M comfort padding


  • Difficulty in assembling the device
  • Not easy to clean and maintain
  • Expensive device than other stretchers
  1. PeniMaster Pro

As per the online reviews, PeniMaster Pro is the Best Penis Stretcher that offers ultimate comfort for long term wear. This extender is a bit different from others as it uses the combination of vacuum pressure and locking ring. The ring snugly and firmly attaches to the head of the penis to work efficiently. The best part of the extender is that it is suitable for tension rods as well as a belt system. Moreover, it allows manual vacuuming, or a pump bulb to create vacuum pressure. The device is easy to put on and adjusting the height and size is pretty simple. Anatomically, it comes with a self-adjusting function that adjusts according to the position of the penis. The device is suitable both for the uncircumcised and circumcised penis.

This penis extender uses a unique attachment system that offers ultimate directional tension than other models. Rather than attaching to the tension rods at the penis sides, it comprises a single point at its tip. It ensures even distribution of the stretching force. Due to the even distribution of forces, it is quite comfortable for long term wear. To start with the device the users simply need to insert the head of the penis into the vacuum bulb. Now you have to apply slight pressure gradually and slip in the securing ring around the gland. The device will start stretching the tissues of the penis and this will result in increased penis size.

The extender has the ability to attach it to a belt system rather than the tension rods. This is one of the best functions of this extender. Users may clip down the belt around their waistline, knee, or over their shoulders for modest extension.  


  • Ultimate Comfort for Long Term Wear
  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • Comes with belt system and you can wear it in different styles
  • You may wear it under clothes comfortably   


  • Difficult to set up initially
  • A bit more expensive
  1. Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is an innovative and uniquely designed penis traction tool. It stretches the penis to the safest extent to increase its size. Unlike other extenders in the list, Phallosan Forte uses vacuum technology to create the stretch. Stretching the penis over time with vacuum pressure helps the penis to elongate in size. This is the theory just similar to bodybuilding. This stretcher has a biomedical engineering gem from Texana Manufacturing Limited. Apart from the increasing size of the penis it also combats erectile brokenness and poor Libido. Other disorders this device addresses include retraction penis, Peyronie’s Disease, penile curvature, and more. This device is the favorite choice of medical professionals and it is the clinically approved solution for penile disorders. The device includes medical-grade biocompatible material and anti-allergic silicone.

The package includes a soft rubber cap that users wear over the penis head to add ultimate comfort while exercising with it. The foam padding of the device is very sleek as compared to other extenders. This reduces bulkiness under clothes. The working principle of the device is based on the process of micro-tearing of tissues. The stretching created by the vacuum causes micro-tearing of tissues. It heals naturally and also lengthens the size of the penis at the same time. Vacuum pressure stretches the penis.

Users need to secure the tool into their penis and bellow gaiter pumps out the air. It creates a mild vacuum inside the chamber and this results in micro-tearing of tissues. However, the pressure of the vacuum won’t stretch the penis and body as it is strapped on the pubic sides. It will also help the users to have complete control over the tension applied to the penis. If the users feel uncomfortable they may release the tension immediately to allow the air to flow in.          


  • Suitable for a variety of penile conditions
  • Guaranteed results within six months
  • It is clinically safe
  • See difference within the first 10-12 weeks


  • You need to secure the penis in the chamber and this may not be comfortable for all

What are the Benefits of Using These Penis Stretchers?

Penile Traction Device or Penis Stretcher is the device that attaches to the head and base of the flaccid penis. Its role is to stretch the size of the penis gradually. Users need to wear it daily for a prolonged period to see an increase in the length of the penis. The exciting part is that with the Best Penis Stretcher the size and girth of the penis elongates. It ensures to maintain its size permanently. The results are permanent and not temporary.   

These devices are the best alternative to all surgical procedures and harmful pills. They are a non-invasive treatment that works to deliver permanent results. Unlike cock rings and enlargement pills, this device has proven track records. It helped several males to increase the length of the flaccid penis and girth size. So, users can now quickly achieve longer and harder erections during intercourse.

  • These tools increase the length and size of the erected penis and flaccid safely.
  • You may use it under clothes anytime for extended hours without the feeling of discomfort         
  • You achieve permanent and healthy growth of penile chambers with it
  • The device also treats the problem of Peyronie’s Diseases
  • Better and safe than harmful enlargement pills and surgeries 

However, users need to know that these devices are not fast to offer over-night results. It takes time and effort, and hence it is not a quick fix or easy fix for penis enlargement. Users need to have the patience to see permanent results with the device. For best results, users need to use All Day Penis Stretcher so that they can repeat the process for hours. This ensures faster Penis Stretcher Results without discomfort. 

Working Principles of Penis Extenders!

The working principle may sound quite complicated for users. But the device is pretty simple, and when you learn How to Use a Penis Stretcher, you will get surprised. It is effortless, indeed. 

  • The device comes with a plastic ring that snugly sits at the base
  • There is an elastic ring for the penis’s head
  • The rod fixed at the downside of the shaft fixes two rings jointly
  • Some of the models work using penis traction method, while others work using vacuum pressure

So, the users need to lengthen the rods gradually to stretch the penis. It will slowly increase pressure in the penis and stimulate its growth over time. For vacuum pressure models, users need to adjust the vacuum pressure as per their needs.

Penis Stretcher FAQ’s   

  1. How Long It Takes to Show Results?

A: Many users have reported seeing changes in the size of their penis within 2-3 months. For comprehensive results, you need to keep practicing with the stretcher for 6 months. Some manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied within six months you may claim for refund.

  1. How Much Growth to Expect?

A: The growth of the penis usually depends on the current size of your manhood and other factors. The maximum growth to expect from stretchers is 2 inches but some people may have lesser growth than 2 inches. The changes affect both the erect penis and the flaccid penis.

  1. How Often Do I Have to Use the Device?

A: You need to wear the stretcher every day to achieve better results. Wear it for at least 4-6 hours daily. The stretcher shows the result when you wear it regularly. It is advisable that you create a daily schedule to wear the device and use it as per the schedule.

  1. How to Take Care of the Penis Stretcher?

A: Every Penis Stretcher needs thorough cleaning after every use. Avoid washing it in hot water and harsh chemicals. It may damage the plastic component of the device. Clean the stretcher in warm water using some mild detergent. You may follow the cleaning instructions of manufacturers.


Well, a Penis Stretcher is a revolutionary device for people who are struggling with their flaccid penis. Using this device can offer permanent results. But users need to have patience while using it because no miracle would happen overnight. It takes time of at least six months to show results.